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Christian Jäger & Bruce Willis
Christian Jäger & Bruce Willis
Dubai 2019
In China at the CIIE
China International Import Expo in China
C. Jäger with Margarete Schramböck
At the Alpenchalet Wildmoos
Christian Jäger and the horse sports
Interview with the ORF
Hamburg: Derby w. Sponsor EasyMotionSkin
Victorious: with Brigitte Prömer
JB Hagenauer, Julia Becker
Ball in Moscow, Sebastian Vettel 2019
Ball in Moscow
Jasmin Wagner and Christian Jäger
With Brigitte Prömer & Andreas Gabalier
Manuel Charr, Christian Jäger
with Jasmin Wagner (Blümchen) 2019
At the Vienna Opera Ball 2018
Vienna Opera Ball Entree
Before Charr vs. Ustinov in Oberhausen
Christian Jäger and the Wild Bunch
At Rose Klambt Verlag
with Miriam Weichselbraun, Manuel Charr
O. Pocher, R. Moeller & J. Pötschger
with Ralf Möller und Franky Scholz
Ralf Moeller & Franky Scholz in Munich
Oberhausen 2017: Charr is world champion
Jäger and Charr at Wiener Opernball
Christian Jäger and Andreas Gabalier
L.A.2019 with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Christian Jäger & Bill Gates
Kitzbühel 2019: with Daniel Marshall
Goldene Kamera event with Kai Pflaume
Cannes 2019: with Lena Gercke
Gleiwitz 2018 with UFD owner Ivan
with Manuel Charr in Istanbul 2018
Jäger & Charr in Istanbul 2018
Manuel Charr and C. Jäger
L.A.2019 with Ralf Moeller
with David Hasselhoff & Brigitte Prömer
Christina Hammer & Christian Jäger
C. Hammer, Dimitri Kirnos, Nick Morsink
The Hammer and the anvil
FIBO 2018 with Jan Ising, Katja Burkhard
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
MMA Fighter Practice - EasyMotionSkin
Seefeld: EasyMotionSkin & MMA fighters
Interview with Christian Jäger
C. Hammer powered by EasyMotionSkin
At the Lanxess arena
Einhorn Springturnier 2017
with Hermann Bühlbecker at the FIBO 2017
FIBO - Christian Jäger & Manuel Charr
FORBES photo shoot in Vienna
Cannes with Brigitte Prömer
with Goldie Hawn
Golf Trophy in the Stanglwirt 2018
C. Jäger in an interview for Gwandhaus
Deutsches Spring- & Dressur - Derby 2016
Gleiwitz 2018: MMA Fighters
Kitzbühel, Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger
with Roman Weidenfeller
Ralf Möller trains with EasyMotionSkin
Cannes 2018: with model Lorena Rae
w. Christina Hammer, Fernanda Brandao
Cannes 2018, with Mandy Capristo
Christian Jäger & Arnold Schwarzenegger
with Arnold Schwarzenegger
with Schwarzenegger Jun. Patrick Shriver
Los Angeles 2019
Ball in Moscow
with Robert Geiss
with Udo W. Masrouki & Thomas Olek
with Thomas Olek
Dr. Andreas Muschter
with Ludger Beerbaum
Munich: Oktoberfest
Lars Windhorst, Christian Jäger
World champion duo - Jäger & Charr
with Matthias Steyrer
with Michael Brandner
Hamburg: "Bild der Frau" magazine Gala
with Peter Stöger
Jopo Pötschger & Christian Jäger
with Manuel Charr at EMS-Practice
Franky Scholz & Christian Jäger
EMS-Training of Jäger's fighting squad
Los Angeles 2019
with Kai Rose and Jens Hilbert
with Patrick Lindner
with Gabriel Luna
Seefeld 2018 SAT1 Gold Christmas show
Seefeld 2018 SAT1 Gold Christmas show
Christmas show
Spirit of New York
Manhattan 2019
One World Trade Center
With Hector Roca in Brooklyn
Santa Claus & Jopo Pötschger, NY 2019
At the Vienna Opera Ball 2018
with Peyman Rajabi
Westime Charity Night 2019
TREND-Shooting 2018 in Seefeld
with Christina Hammer in Seefeld
Jäger, Charr and the Wess brothers
Christmas show
At the Alpenchalet with Manuel Charr
At the Alpenchalet Wildmoos
At the Alpenchalet Wildmoos
At the Alpenchalet Wildmoos
Polo Turnier Kitzbühel January 2020
With Manuel Charr, Polo tournament
GQ Party Berlin 2020
Christian Jäger & Fernanda Brandão
with Johanna Mikl-Leitner
with K. Hallmann und his wife Barbara
with Barbara Meier
with René Benko
Christian Jäger in Seefeld
with Peter Schröcksnadel
with Werner Kogler
T. Klein, Jäger, R. Moeller, A. Oertel
C. Jäger & R.Moeller, München Feb 2020
with Simon Martinello & host Ronald
with Sebastian Possert, Life Radio Tirol
Christian Jäger & Team Charr
Press tour
ORF Shooting in Seefeld
Mark Keller and Christian Jäger
Press tour in Istanbul
with Roberto Soldic in Danzig 2019
Interview for die Meinungsmacher
June 2020
Ride for Good 2020
with Ardi Goldmann & Thomas Olek
with Ardi Goldmann & Thomas Olek
with A. Vahrner, C. Harisch & H. Auer
with Christian Harisch & Hannes Auer
with Markus Prock & Robert Hohensinn
with Mark Keller 2020 August
with M. Janck, M. Prock & A. Leutgeb
with Manuel Charr in Tirol, 2020
with C. & J. Baltes, Neururer, Stecher
with S. Hehn, D. Thoma, A. Rank
Porsche Classic in Bardolino 2020
with E. Zeni, K. Lonardi, L. Sabaini
Mit Serge Michel und Jopo Pötschger
with Sara De Blue and Luis aus Südtirol
with Aaron, Joshua and Mark Keller
Interview with bodyLife in EMS DOME


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