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About Christian Jäger

Christian Jäger is a self-made man and full-blooded businessman who has created
a business empire in Austria and Germany over the last 30 years with diligence, skill
and good sense.
Today, more than 20 companies belong to the Jäger group of companies. The areas
of activity range from publishing services, real estate transactions, corporate
investments to the management of top athletes and technological revolutions
such as the EasyMotionSkin - a patented electronic sports suit.  
Christian Jäger is a fighter who has created something unique out of a poor
school-leaving certificate and a little starting capital, together with all his
strength, creativity and perseverance: Today, his Jäger group of companies
generates an annual turnover in the hundreds of millions.
Christian Jäger also proved his courage when he joined the boxing sector as a
manager. Jäger had no idea of the boxing business and his protégé, the Syrian
boxer Manuel Charr, was far from the champion title due to an injury. Jäger
only knew: Where there is a will, there is a way. And that firm convictions and
hard work pay off: Manuel Charr became the 2017 WBA heavyweight champion, as
previously Muhamed Ali, Mike Tyson and Wladimir Klitschko had done. 
To help athletes even better, such as boxers like Christina Hammer and several
successful MMA fighters, Christian Jäger has set up training facilities at the
company headquarters and in the Alpine Chalet. The top athletes train under the
“HEALTHY FOR SUCCESS” credo in their blue EasyMotionSkin suits to become
better, fulfil their dreams, reach their goals and to create something great


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