Stop chasing dreams. Start hunting goals.
Believe in yourself. Success begins in the mind.
If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you and your ideas. Today, as an investor, I am able to promote your ideas together with founders and business partners. As a team, we believe that we can do something big together. This belief is what drives you whenever you seek the power within yourself to carry on. And it is with this belief that the success story of EasyMotionSkin began - it is, so to speak, the product of this rule: You have to believe that you can be better, you must want to overcome limits by yourself when you put on the blue suit. It is just then when you will succeed. For all those who accept no limits - EasyMotionSkin is for them.
Work hard and train your body.
Every morning when it is still dark, I get up, put on my blue suit and train. It is a set ritual in which, with every step and every repetition, I tell my weaker self that it has no power over me. Yes, success is not a question of luck, but rather the result of hard work. It takes diligence, sweat and discipline to achieve your goals. But our body is more than just a tool. It has the power to act calmly even in critical situations and make the right decisions in an entrepreneurial situation in extreme situations - even after 18 hour days. Therefore, a healthy business needs a business leader at the top with a healthy body. This rule is so simple and yet so hard to implement on a daily basis.
Resistance forms your character.
Resistance is what makes us grow. It is what makes us stronger. Standing on the bridge in calm sea conditions and playing captain is the simplest thing in the world. Only when the sea becomes rougher, when the water whips you in the face from all sides, only then can it be seen what you are made of. This is what makes an entrepreneur: Standing on the bridge and steering the ship when the storm rages the fiercest. Then when the calm arrives, you will have learned another important lesson in your life. You have become stronger. And the next storm will hurt you less. With EasyMotionSkin, we also deliberately work against resistance. In this case it is electric and often so strong that at first you do not believe that you can overcome it. And then you move and you realise: You can do it.
Ignore those who say no.
“No.” “That won’t work.” “You will never be able to do that.” Can you imagine Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan listening to grumblers and doubters? There would be no planes, no cars and we would never have travelled to the moon. Before every great revolution, there was always a big: NO! You should also not pay attention to the voices that want to make you small. I love those who say no - they are an incentive and motivation for me because I know that I am now on a path that most would never go on, one that they consider impossible and which causes them fear. That is exactly the path I want to be on. I want to go where no one else has ever been. I want to shout “yes” every day to those who say no! “Yes, I can do it!” That is what you have to say every day.
Only sell something that you yourself are convinced of.
EasyMotionSkin is my baby. I firmly believe in the idea that can make people HEALTHY FOR SUCCESS. That there is much more in people than they think possible. For me, the blue suit is like a Superman or Superwoman suit that you put on to go beyond your own boundaries to create great things. I wear this suit every day. I train hard and disciplined and follow my six rules. Every day. I could never stand for anything else. I could never sell something I do not live myself. That is why: Be ablaze, be authentic, be yourself your most ardent and most enthusiastic customer and you will also enthuse others with your idea. 
Be grateful and give something back.
Every day I get up in the morning, look around and am filled with gratitude for what life has given me. I am grateful for the people who believe in me, who have inspired me and who stand by me. When I run through the forest in my blue suit early in the morning and deeply breathe in the clear morning air, I am also filled with a deep, positive feeling of gratitude: For nature and for being healthy. Being healthy can not be taken for granted. It is so valuable that without health everything is worthless. That is why it is so important to protect your health and help others lead a fulfilling, successful and healthy life for themselves. Nothing makes you happier and more satisfied than giving something back to the community. Nothing. 


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