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EasyMotionSkin - how Christian Jäger revolutionised the world of health with an EMS training system
Christian Jäger


Christian Jäger has travelled the world for more than 20 years. On his numerous travels, he speaks with celebrities, top athletes, unique personalities of contemporary history and heads of state. With his sense of humour, his confidence and the authentic power of a full-blooded businessman, Christian Jäger inspires entrepreneurs, athletes and many people around the world to make a positive difference to their lives and to do great things. Christian Jäger has a very clear credo: HEALTHY FOR SUCCESS.

EasyMotionSkin – the path to the stars

Christian Jäger’s mission is to help people improve themselves and to make more of themselves than they would have ever imagined – through courage, creativity and discipline.
The goal is never just to optimize cashflow, turnover or returns. His main focus is health.
For this reason he started with a small investment in EasyMotionSkin before taking over the company. His vision was that the EMS system would help provide others more health, vitality and performance. He supported this vision with an incredible amount of hard work.
Today, Christian Jäger can look back proudly on the company’s milestones. In 2021, the enterprise not only went public, it also travelled to space. EasyMotionSkin became part of the ESA space mission Cosmic Kiss, taking off to the International Space Station with German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer of the SpaceX Crew Dragon. Once there, he successfullly trained with EasyMotionSkin to prevent muscular atrophy and bone resporption. The project was led scientifically by Berlin Charité’s Center for Space Medicine.
Never accept limits, says Jäger. The best proof of concept for this is the company’s remarkable success story. EasyMotionSkin inspires, changes, forms and promotes health, leading everyone––not just entrepreneurs and astronouts––HEALTHY TO SUCCESS. It impressively proves Jäger’s rule for success: the sky is not the limit.
In the meantime, Christian Jäger has vacated his management function and become a main shareholder.

EasyMotionSkin and milon are Part of the AMADEE-24 MARS MISSION

Update: January 2024

EasyMotionSkin and milon reach for the stars again! Following their successful participation in the space mission "Cosmic Kiss," EasyMotionSkin is now the official outfitter of the AMADEE-24 MARS SIMULATION. The new collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum enables six analog astronauts to train against the muscle atrophy feared in space, using EasyMotionSkin and milon training systems before and during the Mars simulation in March 2024 in Armenia. An important step on humanity's journey to a feasible Mars mission...
More information at: (Jäger Group)

Matthias Maurer
Matthias Maurer
Matthias Maurer


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